I was watching some videos on YouTube and came across one that was released TODAY: ”Magic” by Coldplay.

The video takes us to the world of a circus of 1920 and is recorded by way of silent film.

”Magic” is the first single from the upcoming album of Coldplay, Ghost Stories, which is scheduled for release on May 19.

I liked the song and the video too!

Well, I just wanted to share this release. See you tomorrow.


Well… I vame here to talk about the Billboard Milestone Awards 2014. I still remember those awards last year. Someone who did not want to win won: Justin Bieber.

In this year I have 3 choices of 6 options (who are nominated): Imagine dragons, OneRepublic and Ellie Goulding. For me, one of them 3 must win.

But I can only vote and wait…

The winner will be presented at the Billboard Awards. May 18th 8/7c

Good luck for all the nominees :)

This is a test link (very important for me). See you later.


First Post

Hi! I’m Crissnell and this is my first post, or good, it´s a test post.

Here I talk about very different things. What I do at school, home, games, music, movies, news, and more…

It is first time I register to Tumblr, so I hope this works. It was recommended by my best friend.

To test, I also add other things like links, videos, audio, and more…

Start posting officially from April 7.

Greetings to All! : D